Eternal Life Care Center

Eternal Life Care Center is an Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility located at the end of a quiet cul de sac in the historic El Montevideo neighborhood. Our bright and open 3200 square foot home is designed specifically for assisted living in a small, home environment. Our residents enjoy all the comforts of home, including secured living, private suites with home cooked meals, family style dining, planned activities, and much more. Eternal Life Care Center is an Assisted Living and Memory Care facility and offers a unique home-like setting that is affordable and family centered.

Our residents live in a loving environment where you can be certain they are receiving exceptional care from our trained, devoted caregivers. Our 2:5 caregiver to resident ratio ensures that your loved ones quality of life and care is the absolute best.

Throughout our lives, we all encounter challenges. But with persistence, creativity and support from others, we can work around these obstacles and find ways to do what is important and enjoyable to us. A woman with autism can be a best-selling author. A man who is blind can climb Mount Everest. A person with dementia can continue to live an engaging, meaningful and joyful life. Still, it is our choice. We can give it our best effort, or we can settle for less. Life Guidance is for individuals and their families who choose to take on the challenges presented by dementia and raise their expectations for well-being. The realities of dementia can be frustrating and overwhelming. But the rewards of working through these challenges, moment by moment, are priceless. We treat each person first as the individual they are, then as a person with a disease. But research continues to support the case that people living with dementia can benefit greatly from community living, compared with the relative isolation of home. And the comforts of our Life Guidance home offer a positive alternative to a nursing care setting for otherwise healthy people living with dementia. Most large assisted living centers are owned by out-of-town corporations. We are different.

The owners of Eternal Life Care Center, Terry Ryan, work at the property. We invite you to look over our website and to schedule a tour to see our professionally decorated home and rooms. Please contact Terry Ryan at (520) 471-8379 to schedule your own private tour.